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Why Does It Have To Be So Complicated? (Part 2)
Yao scowled as he sat down on the cracked black vinyl couch. Opposite to it was another black vinyl couch, equally cracked, old, and cheap looking, but with a wool blanket composed of various shades of green thrown over it to make it look less ugly. Between the two couches there was a coffee table with some circa 1993 boardgames.
He was sitting in what, according to a plastic sign above the door, was the Senior's Room, which seemed like a bit of a strange place to hold a youth group, but he guessed it was still better than using those nasty plastic folding chairs. He checked his phone.
The actual group started at five, so it wasn't really a surprise that there was no one there. He just...decided to be early! Yao sighed as he tapped open Geometry Dash. Early wasn't how he rolled. He was only early because. 'Oh my Gods this is a little scary.
I don't want to be here.'
'LGBT support group. That's me, right? I need to get my life together. This is so stupid.'
Around four minutes late
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Why Does It Have To Be So Complicated?
A/N: Hey my dudes. Transtalia fanfiction ahead. I also have this posted on if y'all are interested in scoping it out there. Be forewarned, this chapter sucks, but if you can get through it it does improve ;). Criticism deeply appreciated.
Yao Wang didn't look to pick fights.
In his defense, he was innocently strolling along near the edge of the school grounds near the edge of the field. Beyond that was a small, straggling wood, just before the city kicked in. It was a bright, clean day with warm sun and cold wind. He was ambling along near the outskirts of the dingy woods, unsure whether or not to be annoyed by the cold wind that just cut through his hoodie and thinking about all of the math homework he would have to spend the weekend doing thanks to their teacher.
Deciding to procrastinate a bit further before biting the bullet and getting it done (his parents had a strict Homework First polic
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Baggy Shirts- America x FTM!Reader
Choosing clothes is a kind of art. Selecting colours that suit your appearance, cuts that either emphasize or hide parts of your body to your tastes, choosing something that reflects who you are, that means you don’t blend into a group of people and become simply one of them, like a Borg drone to its Cube. And it’s even harder when you need to do things with clothes that few others would even consider an issue, just so you can avoid feelings of disgust about your own body.
“Fucking tits”, you murmured, staring sideways into the mirror. The sports bras did depressingly little to flatten out your chest, even with three layered on top of one another. But there was no way in hell you could afford a binder, so for now this was the best you could do. Besides, if you wore baggy enough t-shirts, maybe people would ignore your, you know, ‘assets’. Your glare at your reflection eventually settled on the offending region on your body and you felt that little tw
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Looking Up|Belarus X Liechtenstein
This is a thank-you for VanillaIdeal, because she drew me the most amazing picture!
So, in return, here's some Liechtenstein and Belarus fluff/yuri. Hope you like!~

"How is it?" Natasha asked, leaning in close and watching me eat my pretzel carefully, almost as if she were stalking me. "I got you a cinnamon one. I remembered that you like sweet things."
"Oh! Um, yes, it's very good, thank you." I squeaked, a bit intimidated. "I can really...taste the cinnamon." I took a sip of my lemonade to avoid saying anything else.
"That's good. I'm glad that you like it." she muttered. Natasha drummed her fingers on the surface of the table, almost as if she were frustrated or impatient, but I could tell by her expression that she was neither.
"Umm...would you like a sip of my lemonade? You didn't get yourself anything to eat...or drink..." I offered, but Natasha shook her head. "Are you sure?"
"I already ate. I just wanted to make you happy." she said, and I felt my heart leap into my thro
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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by TCypress The Legend of Sleepy Hollow :icontcypress:TCypress 1,026 34




Yao scowled as he sat down on the cracked black vinyl couch. Opposite to it was another black vinyl couch, equally cracked, old, and cheap looking, but with a wool blanket composed of various shades of green thrown over it to make it look less ugly. Between the two couches there was a coffee table with some circa 1993 boardgames.
He was sitting in what, according to a plastic sign above the door, was the Senior's Room, which seemed like a bit of a strange place to hold a youth group, but he guessed it was still better than using those nasty plastic folding chairs. He checked his phone.
The actual group started at five, so it wasn't really a surprise that there was no one there. He just...decided to be early! Yao sighed as he tapped open Geometry Dash. Early wasn't how he rolled. He was only early because. 'Oh my Gods this is a little scary.
I don't want to be here.'
'LGBT support group. That's me, right? I need to get my life together. This is so stupid.'
Around four minutes later, the door opened and Yao spun around and a blonde guy in a Toronto Maple leaves hoodie came in. "Hey," he said, grinning. "We got someone already! How about that. I'm Matt."
"I'm Yao," said Yao, making an effort with the posture and the voice and the passing of that variety.
"Nice to meet you. We don't actually start for about five minutes, and we should probably see if there's some others, so you can just keep playing your game if you want"
Yao nodded and unpaused his game.
So far, so good.

Anya leaned closer to the bus window.
Was this skirt conspicuous? It was a long mauve one that Kat had bequeathed to her after she came out (Kat never wore it much in the first place). She was wearing it with her trusty black pullover and some eyeliner. 'I look like a guy in a skirt', she thought.
She wasn't in the mood for that crap, so she pushed her mind to other matters.
Natalia had taken the news well, as had Kat, but now Anya had a new problem.
Katyusha, like the kind, loving, dumbass she was wanted Anya to go to this youth group support group thing.
Anya had conceded that it was probably a smart move, not that she would tell Katyusha that. Getting new information and meeting some people was a good idea, but it had one major downfall. The people part. Anya, through seemingly no fault of her own, just wasn't great with getting people to like her.
Which was always a pain, and she always ended up a little isolated and lonely.
The bus arrived at her stop, and she crossed the street to the Rec Center, entering it and going to the Seniors Room. 'Why the Senior's Room?' she mused, on the way up the stairs.
'Well that doesn't really make any sense.'
She neared the glass door, counting the number of people inside the room. There were five, as far as she could see. Anya, slowing her walk, entered the room and stood aprehensively at the door for a moment as she got her bearings.
A guy with wavy blonde hair and glasses wearing a Toronto Maple Leaves hoodie turned around and waved at her. "Hey, you're here for the youth group?"
Six. There were six people. She didn't see Toronto Maple Leaves guy.
She nodded mutely.
"Cool. Come in and sit down then, eh?"

Five more people arrived, and Matt the maple leaves dude was just saying: "Okay, so I guess we can-" when the door opened.
Yao was now facing the doors since being scared out of his wits by Matt's brother (who looked freakishly similar, except he was a little shorter and had straighter hair and a Captain America shirt) who had burst through the door with way more force and enthusiasm than necessary.
He then, was able to see this new person arriving mildly late, who was-
'Oh my Gods.'
It was her.
It was that girl who he met in the woods. 'Who got me into that fight.
Well, it was pretty great. Jeez, she's pretty'.
"Hey, you're here for the youth group?"
She nodded, surveying the room a little nervously. Matt smiled. "Cool. Come in and sit down then, eh?"
She came in, sitting across from Yao, who became very interested in his fingernails all of the sudden.
"Right then!" said Matt. "I guess we can start now." He cleared his throat. "So, uh, this is a LGBTQ support group type thing. If you guys wanna like, figure out your lives and stuff, that's cool, or we can just play games or whatever. You're all here for this, eh?" he looked up slightly nervously, as if everyone in the room was just going to leave.
"Sweet. Everyone hates name games, but we need names, so let's just go around the circle and do name and pronouns. I'm Matt. He."
There was a pause, and then Matt's brother started. "I'm Alfred, a dude." Alfredd said.
"I'm Arthur, he please." said a short, punk-looking British dude.
"Hi, I'm Toris, and uh, he." said a tall, slightly skinny boy with green eyes and brown hair that really needed to be cut.
"I am Kiku. He or they." said Kiku, who was extremely androgynous looking but mildly attractive either way.
"The awesome Maria. She." said a girl with white-bleached hair and at least four pink earrings in each ear.
"Hey! I'm Feli, and they please." said Feli, an adorable little child (not really a child, but moving on) who probably needed to lay off the coffee.
"I'm uh, Yao. He." said Yao, toying with the overly-long sleeve of his red hoodie.
"I am Anya. She, please." said the girl, who glanced up, accidentally made eye contact with Yao, and promptly began staring at the floor again. Yao, to his own embarrassment, felt his face get warm and looked up at the ceiling for a moment to compose himself.

"I am Anya. She, please." said Anya, eyes flicking up briefly.
Where they connected immediately with the Asian guy's- Yao's warm, black eyes. They stared at each other for a split second, and Anya became very interested with her shoes.
'Oh my God was he looking at me? Jeez, he's really attractive, isn't he?'
She bit her lip.
"Alright, so I'm really bad with names, so just bear with me if I forget yours, okay?" Matthew was now saying. Everyone nodded. "So what do we want to do?" he asked.
Collective shrug, and Matthew sighed. There was a swishing sound, and Matthew, without looking over, deadpanned. "Yes, Al?"
"Oh my God guys, we should play Cards Against Humanity."

"Okay, so here's how you play. It's like Apples to Apples-" began Alfred
"That's like comparing whiskey and orange juice." commented Arthur.
"Well, I don't recall asking you at all." said Alfred sniffily, carrying on. "So everyone takes ten white cards, and then we take turns choosing a black card. Everyone chooses one of their white cards that they think goes well with that for some reason, and the person who chose the black card chooses the white card that they like the best. Whoever chose that white card gets a point. Understand?"
General nods from the group, so Maria dealt out the cards and they started to play.
Yao noted a little enviously that Arthur, Maria, and (to everyone's surprise) Toris, were totally kickass at this game. Alfred was kind of goofy and had a really dumb sense of humor, Feli was honestly just too pure for this game, Kiku tended to use references no one understood, and Anya usually chose the darkest possible option, which Yao found fairly amusing but no one else seemed to. And him? He was struggling.
I can't tell if all my cards are crap or if I just have a stupid sense of humor.
"Wars are good for?" Toris asked, peering over the top of his card at everyone.
There was a general shuffling as everyone took to long to get their card, and Toris read them all slowly, deliberately pissing eveyone off.
"...Crippling national debt."
"AHAHAHA! Fuck yeah!" Alfred exclaimed, tallying a point on his sheet for the first time in awhile. Maria picked up a black card, grinning wickedly. "Why am I sticky?"
Everyone slid their cards across the table, and she examined them. "Ja, I'm going to go with Lumberjack fantasies."
Matthew sheepishly tallied a point.
"Next from J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of_?" Feli read cheerfully, causing a pleased little squeak from Arthur. "Being a motherfucking sorcerer," selected Feliciano, much to Arthur's delight. Yao picked up a black card next, and read. "What's that sound?" Everyone scrambled to choose a good card, except Anya, who had seemingly been ready beforehand, slid her card toward Yao right away. He scanned all of them, and then went with Anya's anyway. (Which was a little horrible, but also funny, and she had the sweetest little smile on her face right now.) "The violation of our most basic human rights." Yao read, and Anya tallied off a point.
"In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sound of_?"
"Ok, ok, I chose Kanye West."
"During Piccasso's often overlooked Brown period, he produced hundreds of paintings of- okay, I don't give a shit what your card says, I choose zesty breakfast burritos."
Feli tallied off their first point.
Since no one actually enjoys talking to random strangers about their lives, (besides, that's what the internet is for) the game went on for the next hour and a half, and everyone was a little disappointed when Matt announced they were going to have to pack it up.
"Oh come on, dude!" Alfred whined.
Matt shrugged "There's some other thing in here in a bit." he said.
"Well, let's count our points, then." Maria suggested. Everyone counted up their points, and then bickered over who won while they packed up the game and put it away. It was decided that Arthur won this round, but him and Maria were pretty close (Maria wouldn't let it go, either).
Yao zipped up his hoodie and walked out to the bus stop, contemplating what he thought that would be like versus what it was actually like. It was a lot better than he'd expected, truth be told. The people seemed pretty cool, and Cards Against Humanity was easily the best ice breaker game he'd ever played. Strangely enough, according to the banter, most of them went to the same high school as him. At least three of them had to be in his grade, but the only one he'd ever seen before was Anya. Weird.
Pulling the carton of cigarettes out of his pocket and tipping one into his hand, he heard footsteps. He turned around, and there was Anya.
'Anya. Shit. Do I talk to her? I want to. My Gods this is awkward.'
In the name of procrastination, he lit his cigarette and took a long drag. He exhaled, deliberately blowing the smoke away from her. (Just in case. You never know when someone will have asthma or something.) "Hi," she said, and he turned to look at her.
"Oh! Uh...hey." he said smoothly. She smiled a little, and his insides melted.
"Thanks again know." she said, fiddling with her sleeve.
He nodded. "No problem. It was just...anyone would have done it." she rolled her eyes. "Yeah. I kind of have my doubts about that." she announced, vaguely sarcastic. He laughed, a little nervous, and took another drag of his cigarette.
Oh Gods, they were beating her up. That was kind of a dumb thing to say. was just the decent thing to do. "Well, whatever. It was no trouble."
"I appreciated it, anyway." 'She appreciated it. Good. She appreciated it. She appreciates me.'
"So...uh, what did you think of Cards Against Humanity?" he asked, scrambling to keep the conversation going. "It was fun," she said. "Well named, anyway."
"Haha yeah. Your cards were funny." he said. "Yours were too." she replied.
'They were stupid. But that's nice of you.'

She. She. She. She.
Anya. Anya Anya Anya Anya Anya.
Anya. She.
God, that was great. She wasn't sure if she could ever get used to it- every time someone called her that it felt like her insides were glowing or something. It was just wonderful.
She'd expected it to be difficult to adjust to, but she'd never liked her birth name anyway, truth be told. In all honesty, Anya was surprised that she passed. At all. She was way too tall and gangly and boyish looking for that (or so she thought), but no one had second glanced it. Most likely it was that it was a LGBT group, people were obviously going to be respectful. She didn't care. She didn't care.
She walked out of the Senior's Room, and down the stairs, and out the door to the bus stop. As she neared it, she noticed there was already someone there.
They were were lighting a cigarette, and as the light washed over there face from the sudden burst of flame from the lighter, that person was identified as Yao. She watched in awe as he took a great long drag and slowly exhaled it.
'And without coughing or anything either. I wouldn't have thought he smokes. That's weird. Kind of cool, I guess though.'
Anya had tried cigarettes once or twice throughout her life, and found them not to her liking at all. What she did like was vodka, but they almost never had that in her house and when they did she had to make sure Katyusha didn't notice. 'Maybe I should say hi? I want him to like me. Kat says the best way to make friends is to introduce yourself, but he already knows my name...'
"Hi," she said nonchalantly. He turned round to face her, red ash slightly illuminating his face in the flickering street lights. "Oh. Uh, hey." he said. Anya smiled a little, and decided to thank him properly at last. "Thank you know." she said, because he did know. He was the one with a black eye, after all. 'He should be angry with me. He would be perfectly justified.'
She looked nervously down at her sleeve, fiddling with it.
"No problem! It was just...anyone would have done it." he replied earnestly, dark eyes wide.
"Yeah." she said. 'Why do you think they were beating me up in the first place? I deserved it anyway, and no. Not anyone would have.'
"I kind of have my doubts about that," she announced, keeping her voice light. He chuckled, taking another smooth drag on his cigartte. "Well hey, whatever. It was no trouble." he said.
"I appreciated it, anyway." she said, letting it drop.
"So, what did you think of Cards Against Humanity?" he asked.
It was pretty stupid, but easily the best ice breaker game she'd ever played. "It was fun." she said. "Well named, anyway."
He laughed a little. "Yeah. Your cards were funny."
'Not really, I just chose the best ones I had, like everyone else did. Toris's were clever.' she thought. "Yours were too," she said. And they were. His sense of humor was a little strange, and she felt she didn't really get it, but it was ironic generally, and Cards Against Humanity was meant to be a bit stupid. He blushed a little bit, and took another draw on his cigarette.
"Meh," he said.
Silence fell. He took a couple of pulls on his cigarette, and she watched him. The intake of breath, the pause and the staring into space, the cloud of smoke, exploding outward, dissipating in the cool night air. Finally, he dropped it, carefully crushing it out under his heel.
"It's easily the best ice-breaker game I've ever played,'' He said, finally.
She nodded enthusiastically. "I know! Most of them are not only awkward but boring." she commented.
"Exactly. It doesn't exactly make you like each other much,"
"Some of us are probably scarred for life, though." Anya noted, referring to the innocent Italian child wearing the floral shirt and khaki pants whose name she couldn't remember.
Yao nodded in agreement. "You may have played a roll in that." he pointed out.
She shrugged "I was only doing my part." she said seriously. Yao smirked. "Yeah. I wouldn't have thought Matt could be so devious. He seemed fairly innocent."
"Always the quiet ones."

Finally, the bus arrived and they both boarded it.
Yao chose a spot with a free seat beside it, and Anya hovered awkwardly over him for a moment. He smiled nervously. "Sit down," he said, patting the spot beside him.
She smiled and took a seat. "So you take this bus?" she asked conversationally.
"Evidently," he said a bit wryly.
She laughed softly, looking down at her feet. 'Oh, shoot, did I hurt her feelings? Oh my Gods, Yao, you can't just do that. Fix it.'
He laughed awkwardly. "Sorry, that was a bit sarcastic." he noted apologetically. She grinned over at him. "It's okay, I'm like that too."
"Cool," said he, holding up his hand "High five." 'Why am I such a sad little nerd? Okay whatever high fives make me happy'.
She smacked him five, and he noticed how big her hands were in comparison to his own.
Like, her nails were uniform, and the hands themselves were delicate and ice cold, not to mention extremely pale just like the rest of her, but they were a lot bigger than his hands.
Well, that sure made him feel shitty.
He bit his thumbnail, carefully gnawing it off evenly. 'At least I'm Asian, so I can get away with being super tiny. If only I could get my hair cut,' he thought mopishly.
Yao'd been "he'd" all evening, however, and wasn't going to let dysphoria and insecurity get to him now, while he was sitting next to this very attractive girl.
"So are you gonna be back next week?" he asked, keeping his voice casual.
She shrugged. "I guess so. It was pretty okay, and my sister will probably make me."
He nodded. "I'd like that." 'What the hell how awkward and stalkerish was that! All time high!'
"I mean, it'd be nice to have someone I 'know'". He continued, pulling a face.
She grinned. "Sure. Besides, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be."
"How so?"
Anya took in a small breath. "Well...I don't know. I guess people were just sort of more open than I expected, if that makes sense?" She glanced at him anxiously.
"Totally. I kind of expected it to be a bunch of people with rainbow hair who have their lives figured out."
She laughed, but promptly stopped, glancing at him and then around.
"Hey, it's okay, laugh at how dumb I am." he said good naturedly.
"Oh, no, it's not that." she said evasively.
'Well, I'm the same,' Yao thought with a shrug. "Alright."
The bus jerked to a halt yet again (rather annoyingly), and Anya peered out the dark window.
"I think I'm the next stop up here." she said.
"Oh," said Yao, a little disappointed. "Okay, cool."
"Where are you?" she asked interestedly.
"Four or five stops down." he said coolly. She pulled the chord. "Neat."
They bantered on for another two or three minutes, and the bus jerked to a halt yet again. People trickled out the exits, and Anya stood. "See you next week, yeah?" she asked with a smile.
He nodded. "Absolutely." and then added teasingly: "You'd better be there."
She saluted, and then walked down the isle, hopping off the bus.
Yao let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Staring out the dark windows, Yao replayed the events in his head. He pulled the chord with a musical ding, and the bus jerked to a halt yet again awhile later.
He jumped off it, yelling a "Thank you!" to the driver. He walked a couple of blocks to his house, ridiculously happy all the while.
He came in the back door, wandered in to the living room, and flopped down on the couch where he began unlacing his shoes. Mei, who was sitting across the room watching something on her phone, looked up at him.
"Chun Yan, you've got a really dumb look on your face right now."
A/N: Hey my dudes. Transtalia fanfiction ahead. I also have this posted on if y'all are interested in scoping it out there. Be forewarned, this chapter sucks, but if you can get through it it does improve ;). Criticism deeply appreciated.

Yao Wang didn't look to pick fights.

In his defense, he was innocently strolling along near the edge of the school grounds near the edge of the field. Beyond that was a small, straggling wood, just before the city kicked in. It was a bright, clean day with warm sun and cold wind. He was ambling along near the outskirts of the dingy woods, unsure whether or not to be annoyed by the cold wind that just cut through his hoodie and thinking about all of the math homework he would have to spend the weekend doing thanks to their teacher.

Deciding to procrastinate a bit further before biting the bullet and getting it done (his parents had a strict Homework First policy) he wandered into the wood, intending to maybe draw a tree or smoke a cigarette or something before his unceremonious departure.

Well, that's not how things turned out.

Yao walked into the woods, found a dry spot where the sun shone through the foliage and sat down. He felt around in his messenger bag for a cigarette and was about to light it when he heard the distant sound of branches snapping and cracking. Boys yelling.

Yao bit his lip warily. As pathetic as this may have sounded, Yao was mortally afraid of teenage boys, albeit a few exceptions. The same went with teenage girls; and people in general. He sighed, shoved the carton of cigarettes into his bag, stood, and prepared to walk away like nothing had happened.

Suddenly, a shriek sounded through the small forest, followed by some yelling in a language Yao didn't speak. "Нет- Заткнись!"

Problematically, it sounded like a girl, and she sounded serious. Damn it. Grabbing his bag by the strap he stood and walked toward the general direction; apprehensive and a little afraid but resolute. About two minutes later he came to a clearing. Inside were four boys and a girl. He arrived just in time to see the girl- crumple to the ground and curl into a ball- by the sounds of it she was crying. The boys, as far as Yao could see, were shouting at her and throwing things at her. Did he really need to...?

He set down his messenger bag and stepped out into the clearing, pine needles and dead leaves crunching under his feet. The boys looked up in surprise, but when they saw it wasn't a teacher their faces cleared. "Man, what the fuck?" the tallest boy asked.

Yao bit his lip. "Don't do that." he said quietly. "What did you say?" asked the boy.

"I said don't do that. What you're doing is wrong- she never did anything to you." Yao said a little louder.

"It's a fucking little freak, don't you know it, you faggot? It deserves whatever we do. Sure you don't wanna join?" the boy asked. "No." said Yao. "And you'll have to stop that or I'll make you." "Like a bitchy little girl like you could do anything," said the boy offhandedly. Yao huffed. "Okay." he said. "Okay. You wanna bet?" he asked, taking a long stride forward. The boy lunged forward, aiming to punch Yao in the face. Yao blocked it, and stepped forward around the boy's leg, tripping him. He pushed the boy further backward and he fell, and Yao finished it off by kicking him in the stomach. The boy slowly got to his feet, and another one jumped in. He stepped forward to do...something, but Yao beat him to it by giving him a jumping spinning hook kick to the face, then a spinning side kick to the ribcage, and then the first kid another general whack because he'd stood up. Suddenly, Yao was on the ground. The third boy had tackled him rugby style and was now on top of him, whaling with his fists. Yao just barely blocked a punch that probably would have broke his nose, reached out and punched the guy in the nuts. The boy leaned instinctively forward and Yao grabbed his head, rolling twisting it sideways, rolling the him with it. Yao scrambled and fought the three boys- one had abandoned the others and taken off- for about ten more minutes. Finally someone had taken Yao's axe kick to the collar bone and there was a horrible crunching noise as the bone snapped and his opponents had been forced to abandon ship. He felt gingerly around his eye, which was terribly swollen- he'd have one hell of a shiner tomorrow, and his back, which had some rocks embedded in it from the tackle, and the left leg of his jeans had ripped open at the knee, revealing a scrape that was sopping blood. The girl stood and looked at him, and oh Gods it was worth it.

Anya Braginsky wasn't one to pick fights.

Perhaps that was sugarcoating a little bit- Anya took to fights naturally and had a fascination with them. However, she was more one for verbal than physical battles. Her father had been very invested in her learning how to fight well (or, cringe-worthily enough, "Like a man,") and in an act of passive resistance, she had refused and feigned complete lack of interest. She was more interested in weapons and how the body worked and how the two...related- but not one for fights, although she had natural knack for them. There was little or no interest and practice behind that knack, however. And so, she was sitting quietly in the dingy, mildly gross woods out behind her school when some boys had stumbled upon her and decided to have some fun. They knew her of course, as that skinny freak who wore skirts all the time.
Then they began to say things, to yell them rather, that she barely felt she could protest because she knew they were true and she was a worthless, useless, pointless waste of life and should get off this fucking planet immediately because there's enough surplus population as it is and anything of value certainly shouldn't be wasted on her-

Unable to cope with this, she had told, begged, threatened, cried and eventually shrieked for them to stop, to shut up, to just be quiet and give her a moment of peace if her mangled brain would allow it. But stop? Of course not~ that was more than someone like her deserved. They'd started beating her up too, of course, and although she had put up a bit of a fight, she hadn't really. She didn't know how to (and it almost felt like she didn't deserve to anyway.) And now she was lying here on the ground with her nose bleeding. "I'll kill them, I swear to God I'll kill them if it's the last thing I do, and then I'll kill myself. They need to die first, and slowly." Anya thought. Just then, she heard leaves crackling on the forest floor and sat up, face resting in her knees. Profanities from the group's ringleader.

Then a voice, a boy's voice, a little higher than most but monotonous and soothing and definetly a boy's voice, saying; "Don't do that."

And slowly, cautiously, she'd turned to watch. The boys who'd been beating her up now had their eyes trained on this new boy, who was very short and had a pointed chin and huge warm black eyes and fairly long hair that was all drawn back into a short dark ponytail that stuck out the back of his head, and few strands coming loose and falling in wisps over his forehead. He was wearing a red hoodie with sleeves that just came over his thumbs and a pair of black jeans that were starting to come apart at the left knee. God, he was gorgeous, and Anya half wished she looked like that. He had his eyes trained on the boys too, and he was arguing with them. The ringleader threw the first punch...four to one, it was all over. She felt sorry for the boy, but her instincts told her to run away...she was petrified, rooted to the spot, and inched back, watching from the shadows as the fight progressed. This new boy, amazingly, was not immediately crushed. One of his aggressors ran away, and the other three were doing damage, but...This new boy was amazing. He obviously knew karate or something, and was throwing punches and kicks and blocks and dodging like there was no tomorrow. In about ten minutes, he'd broken someone's collarbone, the bullies had left, and he was gingerly testing his right eye, which had taken a bad punch and was swelling up. Thank him, you useless blithering idiot. she thought. Yeah.

"I-I-uh, thank you for uh, getting rid of th-them for me." she said. Crap, did she stutter? Well, at least her voice didn't crack or anything. The boy's eyes snapped over to hers. "Oh my Gods! Are you okay? That was so thoughtless of me I'm sorry-" he blustered, offering her a hand up. "Thanks," she said, taking it. His hand was warm and smooth, just a little calloused. She stood. He stared up at her, and she could see him taking in her height. She was five ten and counting, and hoped to God she wouldn't get any taller. "Wow, you're lucky you're so tall," he said finally. Hardly.

She giggled in response, because that required no talking and she had giggling down solid. "Are you okay?" Anya asked. "Your eye looks pretty bad," she reached down gently. "I'm fine." he said, waving her hand aside. "Tomorrow I'll probably be six feet under, though. My parent's will kill me.'' "Oh," she said sadly. She hadn't meant to get him in trouble. "I'm sorry. спасибо, though- thank you.'' He grinned. "沒關係。, you're okay, though? No broken bones or anything?" She smiled painfully, and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "None."

Anya was staring at her ceiling.

She'd been staring at her wall for the past fifteen minutes. Anya was in a mood. She'd come home, taken her bra and makeup off (there wasn't much of that; just mascara and eyeliner), and put on clothes that didn't belong to her sister.

Then she'd lain on her bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about starting dinner or her homework or talking to Feliks (she always understood Anya so well somehow), but she didn't do any of those things. She couldn't get her mind off that fight. Off of what those boys had been saying...they were right...and that other boy? He was so...pretty, almost. Not quite, but so lithe and graceful. She never had a chance with him (who said she wanted it? Anya never said that.) She heard keys jingle in the lock, and sat up.

Kat opened the door, and upon seeing Anya, smiled. "Hi Ivan," she said. Anya bit her tongue. "Hi, Kat. You're home kinda early." Katyusha shrugged.

"Да, but I was late for the past four days. Stupid-" Katyusha mumbled irately about her job for a moment, but Anya knew that she loved her job as an Educational Assistant at the local elementary school.

"So do you know when Nat will be back?" Katyusha asked.

"Нет, она не говорит мне ничего ни ." Anya replied. Katyusha sighed. "Бог! She's supposed to text me or something. Whatever. Should we start dinner, do you think?"

Anya shrugged. "It's only like quarter to five," she pointed out.

Kat shrugged. "There's nothing else to do. C'mon, let's make borscht or something." Anya stood up. In all honesty, she liked cooking, especially making sweets, with one of her sisters. She wasn't especially good at it, but they didn't usually argue that way,(verbal battles were a frequent pastime) and it...well it also just felt sort of feminine and nice. (Call her sexist if you want.) They took the usual route of discussing whether they should make something new this time and then went with the same path of making the exact same thing originally proposed- in this case, borscht. It was red, delicious, and if you made a full pot of it it lasted forever.

They chatted unconcernedly as they sliced potatoes and grated cabbage and chopped onions. Anya was slicing beets when Katyusha looked at her and did a double take.

"Ivan, are you wearing eyeliner?"

"Нет." Anya denied crossly. Kat stared a little longer.

"Yes, you are." her voice took on a kindergarten teacherish tone. "May I ask why?"

Anya bit her lip. "Well..."

Yao was fishing around in his bag again for cigarettes.

Finding one, he pulled his lighter out of his pocket and lit it, smoking as he walked briskly. Gods, he was in trouble. He could explain away the scraped knee easily enough, but a scraped knee and a black eye? It was obvious he'd been in a fight and having done taekwondo since he was six and wrestling since ninth grade, his parents would have the sense to realize that the other (or others, in this case) probably looked much worse (which they didn't, except that one kid with the broken bone). Maybe he could just hide it...? If he could get in the door without anyone seeing, he'd probably be able to cover it with makeup. He hated makeup. Actually, he didn't hate makeup all that much; but the way it made him feel. It was so...feminine (although he knew it was just a thing, it was gender neutral, he shouldn't give something that meaningless power over his life), and he just kind of wished that his binder would tighten and crack his ribs in and squeeze his soul out of his body when he even thought about it too hard. He sighed loudly, blowing smoke out a thick stream so it shot forward. The fight it had been worth it, of course. Fighting was a lot of fun, he'd never been in a real one before- and...

That girl. She was really tall, taller than him by at least four inches, and quite broad shouldered. She was really pale too, had fairly short white-blonde hair that hung arond her face in curls, and she'd been wearing a purple skirt with black leggings and a black pullover sweater-y thing. Her eyes are what he noticed the most, though. He'd only caught them for a minute, but they stood out on her pale face, framed by thick, dark lashes; and they were the prettiest colour. If he had to describe them, he guessed he'd say they were blue, but he'd never seen blue eyes like that before. They were closer to purple, really, and absolutely gorgeous. (And the thing was they just made her look so cute, Yao just wanted to take her home and cuddle her to death.) Tossing the butt on the ground and crushing it, Yao put his hand in his pocket and located his keys. He quietly opened the door, dropped his bag, and ran with ninja-like stealth up the stairs to the washroom. Unzipping his red floral makeup bag, he sifted past eyeliners, mascara, and other relatively goth makeup, most of it at least a year or two old. He pulled out foundation and concealer, he carefully added even strokes under his right eye, being sure to keep it even so it blended with his skin.

This is so girly, he thought. Shut up.He told himself. (Shut up shut up shut up shut up.) He'd just gotten in a fight. That was like the manliest thing to do. He stifled a grin- that was just very sexist. Still feeling that niggling little worm in his chest, he pulled the elastic out of his hair and watched it fall around his face. It was cut to just barely chin length so as to not arouse suspicion from the parents, but he wore it totally back most days at school to look more masculine. Speaking of which, that wasn't the only thing he'd been doing exclusively at school... Sighing, he roughly unzipped his hoodie and yanked off his t-shirt, revealing a half-lenght Ancient Fish King binder (purchased on eBay). It was love and life, but it sure as hell felt great to take off, and he finally caught his breath completely. With true dexterity, Yao wriggled his way out of his binder and regretfully put on a bra, shoving the binder in his closet. Hungry from his ninja-like activities, Yao went downstairs to his kitchen. "Hi, Ma."

Mrs. Wang was currently chopping up carrots at a seemingly superhuman rate while listening to Eighties music. She was a short woman, looking very much like Yao, but with a couple age lines on her face and streaks of grey in her hair. Looking up, she studied Yao. "You're late." she said, albeit a little sarcastically, for lateness was a regular occurrence in the Wang household. "Out getting into trouble?" he grinned. "No, I just took the long way home." she shrugged. "Okay. You want a snack, yeah?" Yao already had an apple in his mouth by the time she'd said that, and another in his pocket. She rolled her eyes and resumed chopping. "Just don't ruin your dinner. Do you have homework?" He nodded, and left the kitchen shortly thereafter. he opened Principles of Mathematics 10, and began his homework.

Yao didn't get that much done that night. That girl.

Katyusha was still looking expectantly at her. "Well?"

Well, I'm transgender. Well, I want to be a girl. Well, I sometimes think I am a girl, and then I remember I'm , there's something wrong with me. Well, I'm broken inside and no one can fix it. This was a bit of a dilemma...

To tell, or not? To explain it, or not? Would Kat even know what she was talking about? And what if she wanted estrogen and all that, she was under nineteen and needed her legal guardian to say that was okay...could they even afford that? Was this even a legitimate thing to be thinking about while Katyusha was waiting for an answer from her? So what did she...?

"I want to be a girl," Crap, did that slip out? Why would she say anything of the sort?

Katyusha stared blankly at her for a moment. "Ой."

Oh. Oh.

Don't you 'oh' me, damn well tell me what you think. Anya thought. The fear of judgement was still unwavering, but she was also slightly irritated. Katyusha just looked so...neutral. What was she supposed to do? There was a short moment of tension, which felt very long indeed. Anya realized her fists were balled and unclenched them.

"S-so, you're transgender..?" Kat asked cautiously, as if afraid to offend.

Anya nodded slowly, and Katyusha smiled. "Thank you for telling me. D-do you mind if I ask you some stuff?" "Нет, go ahead." said Anya a little apprehensively, as she continued dicing that beet which everyone had forgotten about during that dramatic scene. Katyusha fiddled with the heat of the stove and continued. "How long have you known this?"

"Since...well, я не уверен, I guess kind of always? Everything was very confusing for a long time, and then I realized it. It just makes sense." Anya answered slowly. Kat nodded.

"Do you have a name or anything picked out that you'd like Nat and I to call you?"

Anya gasped. "You mean you'd really just do that?"

Katyusha looked vaguely confused. "Um, yes. I mean, if that's what you want and everything.'' Anya smiled hugely, looking slightly like a jack-o'-lantern.

"Anya, please." Katyusha nodded. "I like it. Did you know it means graceful?" Anya smiled even more, if that was possible. "Really?" she asked excitedly. "I just knew it's a variation of Anna. I chose it from Anna Karenina." Kat raised an eyebrow.

"But you hate that book. You said it was boring and pointless and that Tolstoy should get a life." "No! I love that book, it's great." Anya insisted. Katyusha shrugged. "Whatever." Just then, Natalia came in the door. "Hi!" she said cheerfully. Katyusha and Anya exchanged a look.


Natalia scowled in a more customary fashion. "What, who died?"

And again. Anya took a deep breath. "I'm trans."
"Ой, is that all?" Natalia asked. Anya nodded. "Okay."
"You were listening, Да?" Anya asked, a little confused at that extremely anticlimatic response. It wasn't that Anya wanted a reaction so much as she just wanted to get all the judgement out of the way immediately; which was difficult if Natalia was ignoring her.
''Да, it just makes sense. You're wearing makeup and you always take my stuff." Said Natalia, sounding just a bit sour grapes about the whole thing. "Do you want me to call you a new name now?" she went on.
"Like Anna from Anna Karenina?" Natalia asked. Anya nodded.
"She dies, you know."
"The book wasn't any good anyway."
Why Does It Have To Be So Complicated?
Transtalia fanfiction. Stolen from headcanons on Tumblr (headcanons belong to nyo-canadaa). I don't own hetalia, it owns me. Enjoy. 


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